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Healthy Snacks for your Baby 9-12 mths

Snacks 9-12 month


At 9 months your baby will start to become hungrier between meals. Your little one will now be ready for 1 to 2 healthy snacks each day. The good news is that preparing snacks for your weaning baby doesn’t have to be time consuming – in just a few minutes you can whip up a healthy treat your baby will love! Below are the best healthy snack ideas for your baby from 9 months onward.

Here are a few recipes that are perfect for cooking in batches and freezing. Be sure to freeze in safe BPA free containers such as our 24oz Double Child Portion Pots



Muffins are the perfect snack for little hands. Try out our Banana and Berry Muffins* for a sweet treat your baby will enjoy. Perfect to batch cook and freeze in Double Child Portion Pots to ensure you don’t run out!

Homemade muffins in a mummy cooks silicone muffin tray

*Don’t include sugar in this recipe to make it baby friendly 

Courgette Cupcakes

Our Courgette Peanut Butter Cupcakes* are a real treat – sugar free and ready in 30 minutes. The creamy peanut butter adds great texture and flavour to these healthy cakes. This recipe will be a hit with your little one! Freeze a batch in Portion Pots for future use.

*if you have a family history of nut allergies please contact your doctor before introducing peanut butter. 


Frozen Yoghurt Covered Blueberries

Deliciously light and healthy, Frozen Yoghurt Covered Blueberries are the perfect finger food snack for your baby. Super easy to do, they are perfect stored in batches in our 9-12 months Weaning Pots so you can just pull a pot of these yummy treats from the freezer when needed.

Frozen Yoghurt Covered Blueberries 

Biscotti with Babyccino

Our salt free Biscotti recipe is the perfect alternative to shop bought biscuits. They make a great finger food for your tiny tot, especially if they are teething. Serve it with warm frothy milk as a Babyccino, for a delicious baby led weaning snack.

Biscotti with Babyccino homemade baby snack recipe finger food


Foods that are quick and easy to prepare, make sure to include in your weekly shopping:


Served cut into strips or cubes, cheese is another great finger food snack for your baby. It’s best to start out with milder cheese such as cheddar. If your little one struggles to grasp the cheese slices, try melting it on toast.


Rice Cakes 

Rice cakes are the perfect snack because you can get creative with them. Serve it plain or let your little one dip it into dips such as Hummus or our Peach Puree with Basil and Ginger. Make sure to buy rice cakes that are low in salt – shop-bought baby rice cakes are usually higher in salt, so buy plain adult varieties instead.



Packed with vitamins and minerals, fresh fruit is the ultimate healthy snack for little fingers. Serve orange segments, slices of pear, apple and peaches or a bowl of sliced grapes. Make it more exciting by combining lots of flavours like in our Fruit Slaw – simply cut up your baby’s favourite fruits and store in your Weaning Pots for on the go.

Sliced fruit with crinkle cut


Yoghurt is another great snack for your 9-12 month old, ideal to offer once per day. Be sure to go for plain natural yogurt as flavoured, low fat kinds are usually loaded with sugar. To spruce up or sweeten natural yogurt you can instead add fruit purees such as our Baked Apple and Apricot puree. For added texture, add grated fruits like apple or mango. 



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