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How To Eat Healthy While On Holiday

How To Eat Healthy While On Holiday

Many people give up on healthy eating habits during the holidays, but with Mummy Cooks' tips you can keep your whole family eating healthy on holiday. Staying healthy with your kids when on holiday is so important. Sticking as closely as possible to their daily routine is the best way to go about this. This includes making sure they are still eating healthy meals and getting enough sleep each day.

Try to plan out their meals as close to their normal daily routine as possible, for the journey there and when you arrive!


Try to find similar items to what they would normally have; if they want to try something different don’t hold back let them try it out! This is a great opportunity to try out different fruits or other foods that they may have never gone for before. If you are catching an early flight with your children, bring their favourite cereal in a Child Portion Pot. Just get yourself some milk once through security and you're good to go! Your little ones will be much happier with their favourite cereal than what is on offer at the departure gates.


Your Mummy Cooks Food Flask is ideal for bringing a healthy lunch to the beach with you. Fill it up with some Pasta Salad or Omelette Fingers for a quick and easy meal on the go. If you decide to eat out at lunch time, encourage your child to choose their own meal. Most cafes and restaurants will have a variety of sandwiches or pasta dishes to keep even the fussiest of eaters satisfied.

Omelette on the go


Avoid ordering from the children's menu, and encourage trying something new if your child wants to. Ordering half portions from the adult menu is the best way to ensure your little ones aren’t eating the same things everyday. This also means they can choose from some healthier options, as we all know how kids menus can be!

Healthy Snacks:

Make sure to always have healthy snacks on hand for gaps between meals. Bringing some portion pots in your suitcase is ideal for this. In the mornings you can pack chopped fruit or veg with dips such as Roasted Red Pepper Hummus to bring with you for the day. Nuts and Homemade Oatcakes are other great options.

Be prepared to relax the rules a little bit while you are away, allow them to enjoy themselves and their food. If these means a few more treats than normal, so be it!

Not heading off just yet?

Everywhere you look when it comes to summer or holidays away is directed towards getting into shape in time for summer. At Mummy Cooks, we believe eating well all year round is essential! The best way to do that is with healthy home cooked food for you and your family, including your weaning baby. Check out our top tips on how to Get Healthy For Summer for some handy recipes and advice you can use all year round!


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