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Going on Holiday and Weaning

Going on Holiday and Weaning

Your first holiday abroad with your baby is an exciting time, however it can be overwhelming as travelling with a weaning baby can be complicated. You might be worried about feeding your baby in unfamiliar surroundings but don’t fret as it’s the perfect time for your little one to explore new flavours. Weaning on holiday can be daunting, but you can still feed your baby fresh, healthy food wherever you go!

Our food flask is the perfect travelling companion for the day you travel and also taking along to the beach. Read on to see our tips and advice for weaning while on holiday.

Weaning on Holiday

A common worry for parents planning a family holiday is how or what to feed their baby while on holidays or travelling. I would suggest to avoid starting to wean when you go on holidays; if your baby is 5 months, hold off if you are going on a short holiday (1-2 weeks). If you are going for a longer period or have already started to wean before heading away, continue to introduce new foods to your baby and follow our portion guide for the first year, which comes free with our Starter Weaning Set.

Feeding Tips

When going away for your holiday, you can bring foods that you can quickly prepare en-route, such as avocado or banana that can be easily mashed and served to your baby. You can also take along food for the flight in our food flask, which keeps food hot or cold for 6 hours.

If there is a kitchen as part of your holiday accommodation, it will be easy to stick to your weaning routine and you can easily prepare a simple purée of fruit and vegetables for the holiday. You can store your baby’s purees in Weaning Pots (size 1oz-3oz) and put it inside in our Mummy Cooks Food Flask to keep it hot or cold – that way you can bring your baby’s food with you while out and about.

Shop bought food is an option but try not to use this at every meal. If using, ensure it is heated thoroughly before serving and make sure to place it in a bowl so your baby can see the food.



Stay Hydrated

If you are travelling to a hot country, it is important that you and your little one stays hydrated. In the week or two before the holiday, it would be wise to get your tot used to drinking from a beaker or cup. You can then fill their beaker with water for them to sip throughout the day when you are away. In many foreign countries tap water is not safe to drink, so bottled water is the next best thing. Remember to check the label for mineral and sodium content; aim to buy the one with the lowest sodium content where possible.


Explore New Flavours

Don’t be afraid to let your child try new foods on holiday; this could be a great opportunity to get them excited to try something new. From fresh fruits to traditional favourites, being in a different country is full of opportunity when it comes to exploring food. Encourage your baby to try something different and lead by example by eating with them.

Ordering in restaurants

When on holidays, it is nice to take a break now and again by eating out. Don’t be afraid to ask for some mash or pureed foods in restaurants. Most will be more than happy to cater for your weaning baby.

Feeding your baby while dining out on holidays is easy; simply offer finger foods from your own plate or ask for some plain potatoes, carrots or fish for your little one. Ensure that all meats and fish are cooked through and flake well to check for bones before serving to your baby. Alternatively, bring a meal on the go in your Weaning Pots. Simply ask for it to be heated through until pipping hot. 

Pack Wisely

When packing, include lots of bibs; disposable and washable so that you can be free to feed your baby wherever you go! Don’t be afraid to bring your own baby cutlery, bowls and plates too so you can feed your baby in any environment throughout your trip. Our Food Flask is perfect to take to the beach and it will keep your baby’s food warm or cold for up to six hours. A Baby Mouli is also a great option to take on holidays and it will mince your baby’s food when you are in a restaurant.




Keep up with your baby’s sleep and feeding routine as best you can. It can be hard to stay on track on holidays, but it is so important to get your baby used to their routine. Sleep is essential here so should your child need a nap, be sure they get one. Work in your feeds around their regular sleeping routine for the most successful weaning journey while on holidays.

For more information on weaning your baby check out our blog; How to Start Weaning.

For lots more great travel advice and tips, check out my Travel with Baby eBook, a comprehensive guide on travelling with a young child. Whether it's a day trip, an overnight stay in self-catering accommodation or a hotel or a few weeks holiday, you can ensure that your baby or young child is eating healthy, versatile meals while out and about on holiday. 

At Mummy Cooks, we know that traveling with young children can be a challenge. That's why we've put together a collection of our most popular travel advice for families in our Out and About Travel Advice page. Whether you're preparing for a trip, looking for tips on feeding your child while on holiday, or trying to figure out how to eat out with toddlers and young children, we've got you covered. Check out our articles for all the information you need to make your next family holiday a success

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