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Moving Baby Onto Family Foods

Weaning Baby

Here at Mummy Cooks, we recommend moving your weaning baby onto family foods anytime between 9 months and one year. The earlier the better!

Our aim is to offer family recipes that are easy to adapt to your weaning baby's stage. As long as you keep the salt and sugar levels low, family foods are perfect for your weaning baby, saving you time and stress when it comes to family mealtimes.

Tips for moving your baby onto family foods:

  1. Portions
    Continue with 3 main meals and include 1-2 snacks each day. Moving your weaning baby onto family foods is easiest this way as you can simply adapt each meal to suit their weaning stage. If you are freezing a family meal using the Family Portion Set, simply leave your weaning baby's portion whole. Blitz or mash it to the desired consistency before serving.

  2. Consistency
    The consistency of the food can change from roughly mashed to chopped. Mix it up throughout the week by offering a variety of lumpy and minced consistencies so your weaning baby doesn't get bored.

  3. Finger foods
    If your child is managing finger foods or is able to move food from side to side in the mouth try giving food in bite-sized pieces on his or her own plate at mealtimes. Sweet Potato Tots are a perfect side dish with any meal, sure to be a hit with your weaning baby too! Batch cook to portion and freeze in Adult Portion Pots from the Family Portion Set.

  4. Separate
    Serve foods separately, rather then mixed together on the plate. Your child will start to visually identify different foods and associate a taste with a particular food. Our Chicken Fajitas are perfect for this as your weaning baby can try a variety of tasty chicken and vegetables!

  5. Salt
    The recommended intake of salt for a child less than 1 year is 1g and 1-3 years is 2g. Family foods tend to be higher in salt but you can limit this by cutting down on packet and processed foods. Try some salt and sugar free Homemade Baked Beans for a tasty baby led weaning meal the whole family will love.

  6. Fat
    Infants need more fat in their diet than adults. Your baby will be unable to eat a large enough volume of low-fat food to meet energy requirements. Therefore only offer full-fat dairy food products at this stage.

  7. Sugar
    Giving your child foods high in sugar will encourage a sweet tooth. This doesn’t mean that such foods should never be given. They are less damaging to teeth if they are taken at the end of a meal. Simply offer healthier alternatives to sugary treats or snacks. Our Banana and Berry Muffins are perfect to freeze in a Double Child Portion Pot 

  8. Eat together
    Eating as a family as much as possible. Your child will watch everything and learn a lot! This simple step is key to move your weaning baby onto family foods as they will want to explore their food more when they see everybody else eating it too.

  9. Milk
    After your child’s first birthday cow’s milk can be used as the main milk drink, but limit it to 600mls a day. Offer a small volume of freshly drawn tap water from a cup with meals.

  10. Have fun!
    Above all mealtimes should be fun, relaxed and not strained otherwise children may associate mealtimes with something they do not enjoy.

Our award winning Starter Weaning Set has all the pots you need to batch cook, portion and safely store food for your weaning baby.

Our Weaning Advice page provides information and advice on weaning your baby. It includes recipes, tips, and articles on a variety of topics related to weaning, such as introducing finger food, adding herbs and spices to baby food, and healthy snacks for your baby, and lots more.


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