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Why You Shouldn't Blend Pasta

Why You Shouldn't Blend Pasta

The most common question I get asked at my #weaningwednesday Q&A is "Can I Blend Pasta for My Baby?". Read below for my advice! 

What Happens When You Blend Pasta? 

When you cook pasta, it softens and has a very slight “chew” to it. Like potato, pasta is a very starchy food so if you add cooked pasta to your blender the texture completely changes resulting in a gloopy, glue like paste. It is a texture that is very unpalatable and it will be sticky, which is not a favourable way to serve food to a baby who is learning to eat. 

When pasta is added to your blender with a sauce, everything will completely stick together and it is very difficult to get the texture you would like!

How to Serve Pasta to Your Baby

I understand that as parents we worry about choking when feeding baby, but remember, If you cook your pasta for about 2 minutes longer than the packet suggests it should be nice and soft, and squashable between your thumb and forefinger. When cooked for this length of time it is perfectly okay to serve it to your baby as is.

At 6 months of age you can offer tiny pasta shapes like stellette pasta or orzo pasta which are not considered choking hazards. I recommend fusilli pasta when serving it to your baby as a finger food because it is a good size for your baby to have in their fist and holds a sauce well. Your baby will more than likely suck the sauce from the pasta as opposed to biting the pasta!

If you are cautious about offering larger pasta shapes to your baby then you could consider buying baby pasta, this is usually found in the baby aisle in supermarkets. Baby pasta is very small so until your baby has mastered the pincer grip you will have to spoon feed this. 

Pasta Recipes for Baby

Salmon Pasta with Courgetti

Simple and easy, this creamy salmon and courgetti pasta dish is the perfect dinner for your family and weaning baby. Salmon is a great way of getting omega-3 into your little ones' diet; aiding brain health and development.


Creamy Mushroom Pasta Sauce

Ready in just 15 minutes, this easy Creamy Mushroom Pasta Sauce is sure to be a hit with the entire family; even the fussiest eaters. Whether you fancy stirring it through some pasta or serving it over chicken, you won't be disappointed. 

Pea and Pesto Fettuccine

Ready in less than 20 minutes, this Pea and Pesto Fettuccine is delicious, healthy and a perfect vegetarian meal for when you’re on the go or strapped for time!

Marinara Sauce

Pasta with marinara sauce is a go-to dish for so many busy mums, including myself. This classic combination is quick, simple and kids adore it! The leftovers even make for a stress-free school lunch the next day.


For safe and easy storage of your pasta and sauces, check out my portion pots! 



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