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Your Go-to Guide for Family Days Out

Your Go-to Guide for Family Days Out

Bringing your little ones along to a festival or event is a great way to introduce them to a new and fun environment. Whether bringing your weaning baby, toddler or the whole family; it shouldn't be stressful! And so we bring to you, our guide to healthy eating while enjoying fun and laughs with the whole family. Our delicious, nutritious recipes are baby and family friendly (just be sure to adjust textures according to your weaning baby's needs).

Remember that the below recipes can be easily stored in our portion pots or food flask for easy transport. Feel free to browse the multitude of other recipes available on our website too. There is something to tickle even the fussiest of taste buds!

Healthy Snacks for the whole Family

Cauliflower Rice and Beans

Cauliflower Rice is a perfect on-the-go lunch to keep everybody happy. Mix in some of your kids favourite veg such as sweetcorn, cucumbers or grated carrot. For an added protein punch, why not serve it with our Homemade Baked Beans. Light, fluffy and gluten free = no upset tums! A portion of these beans makes for a great family staple as it can be mashed or blitzed to the desired texture and portioned for your weaning baby.

Melon Strips with a Vegetable Muffin

Ideal to pack in some much needed nutrition for a mid-morning or midday snack. Our Vegetable Muffins are packed full of nutrients and a great way to get veggies into your little ones day. Melon is an ideal fruit on the go as it keeps fresh, and is a tasty sweet treat without messy sticky fingers! 

*These are an ideal finger food for weaning babies from 6 months+ getting them used to new textures.

Baked Falafel 

A filling and fun snack on the go, these fingers are great for the family with no fuss at all.
Delicious and nutritious, these Baked Falafels are a great finger food for your weaning baby. A fun and filling snack on the go sure to keep your family’s feet moving. Easily stored in our Portion Pots to keep them fresh for days!


Healthy Granola Bars

These Granola Bars are a great snack, easily lasting 5 days in our air-tight Portion Pots. They are ideal as a sweeter snack, packed full of energy-boosting, healthy proteins from the oats and seeds. The optional raisins give them a chewy twist.

Bite Sized Energy Balls

These Energy Balls are perfect to keep the whole family fuelled and up-beat, to keep up with the day's activities! The sweetness from the honey, and energy packed oats and nut butter mix is sure to keep you going. Easy to make and even easier to transport a yummy batch in our handy Adult Portion Pot.

Sweet and Savory Bites

Our Three Healthy Snacks for your Kids are perfect to bring on the go. The Cheese Biscuits, Oaty Snacks and Apple, Oat & Sultana Muffins are great to pack when heading out and about. They all store super easy in our air tight containers. Why not stock up and use one of our Double Child Portion Pots to bring enough for the whole family? Get the kids involved in making the recipes too! Some fun family time before heading out, this will get your kids excited to try what has been made too. Win-win!

Top Tips for Family Outings

Whether enjoying a festival, weekend, or general family fun, you should always be prepared. Here are some essentials key to a smooth running family adventure:

  • A roll of toilet paper and baby wipes - you never know how you will find public toilets.
  • A handy bottle of hand sanitizer never goes astray and keeps that bacteria at bay.
  • The right camping gear – we can't trust the weather folk, and enough blankets and sleeping bags will ensure a cosy, comfy night with the kids.
  • Light rain gear will ensure that if the weather holds off, you won’t have too much baggage to enjoy the surroundings, but they will be on hand should the skies open up!
  • Check out the schedule on arrival for family activities – these are great to get the little ones involved, making friends and ensure they will be kept entertained throughout.
  • Have an arranged meeting point!! Not to scare the young ones, or adults either, but we all know it can happen that we may get split up throughout the weekend.
  • Ensure that your little ones know where to go, or who to talk to should they be lost. It is ideal to make them aware of those kind fellows in the high-vis jackets at events, letting them know they are always on hand to help.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself, and don’t be afraid of having a nice treat for you and the family from the food stalls. It is a festival (or day out) after all!


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