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What's On - Weaning Week 2022

What's On - Weaning Week 2022


Weaning Week is the perfect time to educate and prepare yourself for your baby's weaning, feeding and developmental journey! 

This year, I've partnered with 3 amazing experts to bring you some fun, informative LIVE sessions on Instagram! 

PLUS there will be Q&A's after every session so you'll be able to ask any questions you might have. 

Here's how we're participating this year & what to look out for on our Instagram Account in the first week of May 2022: 

🎉 Tuesday May 3rd, 10am - Join me LIVE with Pregnancy Yoga, Infant Massage & Women's Health Expert, Kathy Milliken. Kathy & I will chat about her new baby's weaning journey and how to thrive in parenting!

🎉 Wednesday May 4th, 8pm - Join me LIVE with Sleep Expert, Chris! Chris will share his expert tips and knowledge as we chat anything and everything to do with a child's sleeping behaviours and patterns! PLUS you'll have the chance to ask Chris any questions you might have about sleep

🎉  Thursday May 5th, 10am - Join me LIVE with Clinical Psychologist & New Mother, Dr Emma O'Brien! Emma and I will be chatting all things weaning & the psychology of feeding your little one! Emma will share her experience recently weaning her new baby 

🎉 Friday May 6th, 10am - Join me LIVE for a super fun and informative cook-along where I demonstrate multiple baby-friendly recipes! I'll be cooking up some of my favourite flexible dishes that are healthy, easy and great for the whole family.

🎉 Monday May 9th, 10:30am - Join me LIVE on Weaning Week's Instagram account where I'll be talking about batch cooking during your baby's weaning stages and how to store your baby's food safely! I'll be showing my best tips and techniques to make batch cooking for the family super easy.

If you're a new, soon-to-be or even an experienced parent, you don't want to miss out on these Instagram Lives! Simply mark it in your calendar and jump onto our Instagram account at the times above 👆

See you there! 



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