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Top Tips For Grocery Shopping

Top Tips For Grocery Shopping

Most Mums dread the weekly trip to the supermarket, here at Mummy Cooks we have put together our top tips on how to be Supermarket Savvy which will help take the pressure off what to cook for dinner during the week by getting you to plan ahead, save you time at the weekends when heading to the shops and best of all help you save some money by only buying what you actually need!

Mummy Cooks' Top Tips

Take Stock

Ensure that you are taking control of what's in your cupboards. Regularly check what you have already and try to make your meal plan for the week around this rather than starting from scratch each week. Take care to pack things with approaching use-by dates at the front to remind yourself to use them up before they perish.

By doing this every few weeks you know what's in the cupboard and will reduce your chances of overbuying and waste.

Make a List

Use a board in the kitchen to note what's running low. Make your list in sections, such as dairy, meat, fruit and vegetables. This will not only ensure you don’t leave anything out but will also save you time in the shop itself as you won’t be running from aisle to aisle trying to complete your shop.


Cupboard Staples

By keeping a good stock of herbs, spices and dry staples such as chickpeas, lentils and rice you will always have the makings of a meal. Don't be tempted to neglect these items!

Batch Cooking

Batch cooking your meals not only saves you time in the kitchen mid-week but also saves you a lot of money when it comes to your shopping bill. Instead of buying a packet of chicken breasts, why not get a whole chicken and roast it? Serve it for dinner and use the leftovers for lunches during the week. Alternatively, a batch of our Chilli con Carne is the perfect meal to batch cook and freeze in single portions for a quick midweek meal.

Buy Seasonal Food

Fruit and Vegetables that are currently in season and locally sourced are not only much cheaper to buy but they are also far better for you. Don't believe us? Check out the benefits of eating seasonal foods or Download and Print our Seasonal Fruit and Veg PDF with cooking instructions!

Healthy portions

Portion out your food in advance to avoid both over eating and wastage at meal times. Our Mummy Cooks Portion Pots are a great way of doing this!

Use your Freezer

Make the most of your freezer! Fill it up with batch cooks! Don't be afraid of the frozen aisle in the supermarket - Frozen peas and sweetcorn are great staples to have on hand for when you’re running low on fresh veg! Our Chicken Carbonara is a great example of how you can use them up!


Happy Shopping!

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