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How to Make Baby's Finger Food Less Slippery

How to Make Baby's Finger Food Less Slippery

Finger food should be introduced as early as six months to get baby used to feeding themselves. Although they may not fully master the pincer grab (holding foods between the forefinger and thumb) until 7 months, it's good to familiarise them with the idea of finger foods early on so it doesn't become a strange concept to them. 

If your baby is ready to start eating solids and move onto finger foods, but is struggling to get a grip on the foods or continues to drop them, below are some ways to make it easier for them!

Use a BLW Crinkle Cutter

Our BLW Crinkle Cutter is perfect for preparing finger food for your weaning baby! The crinkle cut shape allows your child to have more grip on their finger foods, especially those that baby struggles to grasp.

The jagged edges of the crinkle cutter will give baby a better shape to grip, allowing them to pick them up easier and hold them effortlessly. Grab your very own Mummy Cooks Crinkle Cutter here

Use Grains and Cereals to Add Texture!

Cutting your cooked vegetables or ripe fruits into finger size pieces and rolling them in a type of grain, flour or cereal will add an extra layer of friction and texture, making it easier for baby to pick up and hold their finger foods. It will also add more nutrition to their diet! 

Just ensure you are avoiding any ingredients that contain added salt or sugar, like store-bought breadcrumbs. 

Here are some grains, cereals and flours that I recommend using: 

1. Wheatgerm

2. Panko Breadcrumbs

3. Baby Rice Cereal

4. Sugar-Free Adult Cereal

5. Ground Flaxseeds 

6. Wheat Bran

7. Almond Flour

Click here for some easy finger food recipes that your baby will absolutely love!

Don't forget to check out our range of baby-led weaning teethers! Designed to help your baby safely learn to chew, pick up and hold solid objects. Perfect for the finger food and teething stages of your baby's weaning journey. 


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