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How to Get Your Kids to Eat More Fruit & Veg

How to Get Your Kids to Eat More Fruit & Veg

So how do you get your kids eating more fruits and vegetables? We all know it can be difficult to ensure your little one is getting enough variety of fruits and vegetables in their diet, and getting their 5 a day. Adding vegetables to their lunches and dinners as well as fruit into their breakfast is a great way to get your kids exploring new flavours and textures, including your weaning baby. When trying to get a child to eat more fruit and veg, balance is key so don't force them to try something they are afraid of, simply encourage them.

My youngest Jessica has never really loved fruit; she much prefers her vegetables and eats about every vegetable there is, so I have never been too concerned. However, now as I pack her lunch box it’s hard to come up with a healthy snack everyday. So we are trying to get her to try different fruits and find something that she likes. I started off by getting her to help prepare fruit for a smoothie and showing her that her pancakes were actually made from bananas. This allowed her to become less afraid of fruit. We are still not at a stage where she is eating every fruit, but she loves her morning smoothie!

Our top tips

  1. Keep Fruit in Sight

    Always keep a bowl of fruit on the kitchen table for a quick, easy snack. Having it in sight will encourage your child to pick something if they are in the mood for it.

  2. Be Prepared

    Have freshly cut vegetable sticks prepared and ready for your little ones to snack on. You can keep them nice and fresh in pots from our weaning and portion pot range. Prepare some tasty dips such as Red Pepper Hummus to encourage your little ones, including your weaning baby, to snack on vegetable sticks. Dips are handy to store in portions too!
    The 7-8 Month Weaning Pot is perfect for a snack on the go or in your little one's lunchbox.

  3. Don't Give Up!

    It may take as many as 10 to 15 tries with a new food before a child is willing to accept it. It is so important that you don't give up on encouraging your child to eat more fruit and vegetables.
    Be a positive role model and lead by example. This allows your child to see you eating a variety of fruit and vegetables which in time will encourage them to try them and conquer their fear!


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