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Family Staycation

Family Staycation

Our Family Staycation in the West of Ireland

Last week we went on a family staycation to the west of Ireland. We decided to go west on our journey because my Mum lives in Sligo and I was so excited to see her after 4 months. We are lucky to have a campervan which means we can be self contained and not have to rely on restaurants or services. We traveled to Achill for four days and then onto Sligo.

If you are looking for tips what to cook while on a family staycation check out my 

Eat well on your Family Staycation blog.

After being so restricted with the distance we could travel up until now we hadn't really been out of the house for a week long trip for a while. For those of you who may be nervous about getting out and about again, or those of you who became new parents during lockdown, I thought I would share with you some of my tips after my family staycation.

Tips for your Staycation

  1. Try to book either self-catering or a campsite where you can prepare your own food. We stocked up before we left and cooked all our own food. Baby (less than 1 year) – check out my blog on Feeding your child while on holiday for recipes and advice on self catering options.

    Cooking at campsite
  2. Restaurants and bars – we went into a bar for some coffee on one of our cycle trips. They were able to accommodate us but as the summer gets busier in these places I would suggest you always book ahead of time. They also have a 90-minute table time. But with a small child you will probably only need the hour. Check out my blog on feeding your child while out and about.

  3. Campsites – because you are outdoors you feel safe in that you aren’t exposed to too many others. We did use their toilet facilities but the doors where open to enter. They also have hand sanitising gel as you enter and leave.

  4. Activities – there isn’t much in terms of activities unless it's outdoor and for older kids. If you have bikes and you can take them along then this is the best option. The rain didn’t stop us from going outdoors we just made sure to pack our wet gear.

    Outdoor Activities
  5. Lunch – try to pack your lunch and snacks to take with you so that you don’t have to rely on last minute restaurant options or dashes to the local store. We took our cooler bag and food flask with us and made up lunches before we headed off to the beach or on our cycles. 

  6. Have fun! – most of all get into the sea and enjoy the moment. I’m a little bit of a wuss when it comes to the cold water so we found ourselves a few piers and that made it easier to jump in.

    Jumping off the pier
Go check out my other travel blog "Preparing to Travel with a Young Child" for more info about preparing to travel.

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