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UK Weaning Week 4th-10th May

UK Weaning Week 4th-10th May

I am absolutely delighted to be taking part in the UK Weaning Week which is kicking off on the 4th of May right through to the 10th. We have such an exciting week lined up which is taking place over on our Instagram page.

To celebrate we are running a 15% off all Mummy Cooks Products for the week, use code WeaningWeek15 at check out. To help you out as much as we possibly can we are also giving a whopping 50% off the Academy for the week AcademyWW 

Monday: I will be running our usual Weaning Wednesday style Q&A each day on Instagram Stories starting off with the topic 'starting to wean' FAQ's at 10-11am, followed by an Instagram live at 1:30pm with sleep expert Erica Hargaden from Babogue Sleep 


Tuesday:   If you are currently weaning your baby (or know someone who is) you will not want to miss the zoom webinar which will be taking place Tuesday at 10am on Weaning Week be sure to sign up early to avoid disappointment!  

The topic of the day is first tastes and I will be running my stories Q&A at the later time of 2pm-3pm.                                                                     



Wednesday: We have our usual Weaning Wednesday Q&A 10-11am and the topic of the day is Milk and weaning. I am delighted to be speaking to expert Jen Crawford from Doulacare Ireland at 12 who will be speaking about milk and food, a question that crops up often when weaning.  I will also be answering questions over on Twitter - follow @mummycooks and @WeaningWeek 

Thursday: The topic of the day is moving onto Family foods or stage 3 weaning. Join us on Instagram Stories 10-11am and I will answer any questions you might have on the topic. On Thursday I will be going live at 1:30pm on @weaningweek, sharing my expert weaning advice and tips. 


Friday: We will be finishing up weaning week on Friday with a Finger Food Q&A! Finger food is a great way to introduce independent feeding for your baby.  If by chance any of your questions were not answered from during the week now is your chance to get them in! I really look forward to hearing from ye all! 















I hope this gives you a flavor of what's to come and you are as excited as we are! If you know anyone currently weaning make sure you tell them to tune in also. You can take part by thinking of some of your burning questions and submitting them through the box that will be available via Instagram story, I'm sure I will get around to answering all your questions one of the days either by text or speaking! Be sure to keep an eye out for our competition we are running over on our Instagram page in collaboration with @Stokke also where we will be giving away a Mummy Cooks Academy bundle along with a Stokke chair to one lucky follower! 



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