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Feeding your Child while Out & About on Holiday

Child on holiday

Following on from my previous blogs on "Preparing to Travel with a Young Child" and "Feeding your Child whilst on Holiday", it is important to also think about how to feed your child when you are away from the apartment or hotel and you're out and about.

The most important thing to remember when taking food out with you is that food must be stored properly in order for it to be safe to eat. Here I will guide you through how to keep food safe, as well as suggest some handy recipes to make.

Rules for bringing food on the go:

    • Food that is freshly prepared should be allowed to cool but cannot be kept outside a fridge for longer then 2 hours.
    • Bread and fruit can be kept out for longer but it is advisable to use a cooler bag to keep fresh.
    • If reheating food, make sure the food reaches 71 degrees (piping hot) before cooling down to serve.


    For a baby or a young child the best option might be to prepare their lunch in the kitchen before you head off for the day. Purées such as Peach, Raspberry & Quinoa can be whipped up in the morning and packed in your Mummy Cooks food flask to take on the go with you. If very young, put the purée into our weaning pots and then into the flask.

    For an older child pasta is always a great option! Make up your pasta in the morning, mixing in your child’s favourite sauce and popped into use your food flask to keep delicious and hot until lunchtime.

    When travelling with children it's so important to take along lots of healthy snacks with you. Pack snacks like muffins, granola or chopped veggies in your portion pots and you'll to be set for a fun day out!

    Peach, Raspberry & Quinoa Purée


    The buffet is great to pick up a lunch and snacks for your baby or young child. You can ask them to make up a fresh omelettes with some cheese and finely chopped vegetables, and pop it into your heated flask. Include some slices of bread and you'll have a perfect meal for the beach. It’s also easy to make up some ham & cheese rolls for an older child.


    As long as you have the right equipment with you on holidays, you can head away from the comfort of the hotel and keep food safe for your child.

    Here is what I would recommend bringing with you...

    • Food Flask – to take food out and about for up to six hours hot or cold.
    • Cooler Bag – to keep food fresh like bread and fruit
    • Portion Pots – for snacking such as berries or bread sticks
    • Water Flask – to keep water cool while out and about

    Go check out my other travel blogs "Preparing to Travel with a Young Child" and "Feeding your Child while on Holiday" for more info about preparing to travel and more tips on how to feed your children on holiday

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