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Advantages of Homemade Baby Food

Advantages of Homemade Baby Food

I always recommend preparing homemade baby food as it has many advantages. There is a common misconception of time and storage as disadvantages, but not with Mummy Cooks! Our Starter Weaning Set makes preparing and freezing homemade baby food easy. They are great to stack and store neatly in the fridge or freezer, and are handy to take on the go too! By feeding family meals adjusted to your weaning baby's stage, you will be on your way to raising a healthy, adventurous eater. It can be tempting to buy jarred baby food, but homemade is just as easy, and a lot more beneficial.


1. Nutritious and Delicious

Jarred baby foods are often heated to extreme temperatures to kill bacteria, which also kills the nutrients. Making homemade baby food means you can use fresh, seasonal ingredients to boost your baby’s immune system with the vitamins and minerals they need throughout the year. You also have the power to adapt your baby’s weaning meal to their taste for a yummy, nutrient rich meal! Why not try some Avocado and Banana Puree as a first homemade baby food for your weaning baby. As you increase variety, add exciting flavours with this delicious Peach Puree with Basil and Ginger.

2. Less Processed

Homemade baby food as it is not as processed as that from a jar, so retains more nutrients. Jarred baby foods can be thickened with ingredients like starches to preserve and bulk them up but lack in flavour. Homemade meals are easy to adapt for your weaning baby; simply puree a portion and offer sliced steamed veg or chicken for dipping. Try our Chicken Casserole for a baby friendly family meal your tot will love! Full of flavour and  goodness, it is ideal to batch cook and freeze in your Mummy Cooks Weaning or Portion Pots for a tasty weaning meal any day of the week.


3. Cost Effective

If you are considering buying a jar of baby food, think again! Homemade baby food means only paying for the ingredients you use; no manufacturing or packaging costs. By offering an adapted version of your family meal to suit their weaning stage, your baby won’t have to reach for your plate because they have their own portion. Including your tot in family meal-time will make them more enjoyable too; Win-Win! Butternut Squash Risotto is the perfect family meal even the tiniest of taste buds will enjoy.

4. Variety

Packaged foods have to meet standards so every jar of ‘Baby Bolognese’ you buy will taste the same and have a similar texture. Homemade food will always taste a little different due to seasonal produce or alternating herbs and spices can make the same recipe taste different every time! This will ensure your weaning baby wont get tired of the same foods. Our Lentil Ragú is a tasty alternative to Bolognese, ideal to batch cook and freeze in the Starter Weaning Set.

5. Reduces Risk of Fussy Eaters

Jars of baby food are all of the same or similar textures and can be quite bland or lack variety; not beneficial when weaning! Introducing your weaning baby to a wide variety of foods and textures is essential to avoid developing fussy eating habits or food phobias. Offering homemade baby food is the best, and easiest way to go about it. These Sweet Potato Tots with Tomato Sauce for dipping make a finger food your baby will love! Double up and make some extra sauce to freeze for up to 4 months.


6. Saves Time

You can save time both in the kitchen and shopping by simply offering a blitzed version of the family meal to your weaning baby. You will also ensure your baby is eating tasty, wholesome meals that they can enjoy with the whole family. Why not batch cook meals and purees and freeze your baby's portion with the Starter Weaning Set for a hearty weaning meal on busier nights. Our Ratatouille is a tasty treat, super easy to batch cook and freeze. Save time and space by using these pots over ice cube trays, and check out why NOT to use ice cube trays for baby food here.

*Check out our fuss-free family meals easy to adapt for your weaning baby. Most recipes featured on our site are ready in under 40 minutes!


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