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4 Perfect Alternative Baby Gift Ideas

4 Perfect Alternative Baby Gift Ideas

Struggling for gift ideas for a new mother? Look no further than our 4 perfect alternative baby gift ideas! Get them something they will use time and time again! Family life is hectic, so make it easier with our range of Mummy Cooks Gift Sets. They make the perfect alternative gift for any occasion. Whether you want to set new parents up to kick start their weaning journey, or make cooking and storing homemade healthy meals easy for a busy family, we have you covered!

Starter Weaning Gift Set

A new baby can make life a whole lot busier, so the last thing on a parent's mind is starting to wean in a few months time, often leaving them unprepared. Forget cute clothes they may have outgrown by the time you get to visit the new arrival - instead give them something they will use again and again. Our Starter Weaning Gift Set includes a food flask to take on the go, as well as 50 weaning pots in 5 portion sizes, equipping parents for a fuss free weaning journey! Trust us, they will love you for it!

6 Months+ Weaning Gift Set

Between scheduling feeds and looking after themselves, parents have a lot to deal with in the first few months after a new arrival. So give them something they will really appreciate to take the stress out this busy time. Our 6 Months+ Weaning Gift Set has everything they need to prepare healthy, home made baby food to give their new tot the best start in life.

9 Months+ Weaning Gift Set

With busy family life, you can never be too organised. Set them up for the busy months ahead with a 9 Months+ Weaning Gift Set. With 20 BPA free reusable pots and lids along with an insulated food flask, preparing homemade meals in handy weaning portions has never been easier. Be a hero and take the stress out of weaning meal times with a gift they can always use.

Baby Led Weaning Gift Set

We cater for all methods of weaning. If your loved one is following Baby Led Weaning (no mush!), then our Baby Led Weaning gift set is the perfect gift. Store finger and family foods in the larger pots and sauces to dip in the smaller sizes. This set also comes with an insulated food flask to keep food warm while out and about. Whether it's their first child or their fifth, your gift will really take the stress out of home cooking!

The Gift Sets are so versatile, so whether it's their first child or their fifth, your gift will be used time and time again to batch cook or store healthy family meals for busier days.

We hope you love our gift sets.

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