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What's On - Weaning Week Ireland 2022

What's On - Weaning Week Ireland 2022

Weaning Week Ireland is the perfect time to educate and prepare yourself for your baby's weaning, feeding and developmental journey! 

Weaning Week Ireland runs from the 10th to the 16th of October and to celebrate, I'll be hosting Instagram LIVES with special guests all week long!

We'll be chatting everything to do with weaning, parenting, cooking, feeding and so much more 🙌

If you have a weaning baby, a baby on the way or even a toddler or older child, you won't want to miss out on these IG lives!

👶 Monday October 10th, 10:30am - Join me LIVE with Rosanna Davison! Rosanna has 3 under 3! I am excited to talk to her about weaning twins and how she juggles it all.

👶 Wednesday October 12th, 10:30am - Join me LIVE with Sinead Hingston Green! Sinead is also a Mum of 3, Alby was born in December last year. Sinead is a big campaigner for pregnancy loss and she raised over 25k for a new scanning machine for the national maternity hospital back in 2021 just before she gave birth to Alby!

👶 Thursday October 13th, 10:00am - Join me LIVE with Gina Daly! Busy Mum Gina has 3 children. Gene arrived in late November last year and it will be great to hear from Gina about going from feeding teenagers to weaning! Gene has down syndrome and I am looking forward to hearing how he is getting on.

👶 Friday October 14th, 10:30am - Join me LIVE with Ciara Dempsey! Mum to 5 boys. Baby Pàdraig is six months and has just started weaning! It will be great to hear about his journey so far.

Simply mark it in your calendar and jump onto our Instagram account at the times above 👆

Siobhan x 


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