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Eggs 5 Ways - Perfect for Baby

Eggs 5 Ways - Perfect for Baby

Eggs are one of the most versatile foods and packed full of proteins and healthy fats with zero sugar! They are great for improving your little ones memory so why not introduce your weaning baby to eggs as a tasty baby led weaning meal any time of the day.


I often get asked "How can I offer eggs to my Baby?". Here are my 5 favourite egg recipes ideal to serve as a baby led weaning finger food that your whole family can enjoy together!

1. Boiled Egg

A classic Boiled Egg is the perfect way to introduce your weaning baby to eggs. This tasty twist on the classic team’s avocado and toast to serve the egg (mashed or whole) to your tot for a fun baby led weaning breakfast. Simply slice the bread and offer some smashed egg in a bowl for scooping onto the slices. These are great to batch cook and pop in the fridge in an Adult Portion Pot; they will keep for up to a week.


2. Cinnamon French Toast

Cinnamon French Toast is an egg-citing favourite in my house! If your lot are like mine, they will love this recipe. Naturally sweet, it's great with sliced or smashed bananas or blueberries for a tasty treat everyone will enjoy. It makes a great quick and easy gluten containing baby led weaning meal too. 

3. Banana Pancakes

These Banana Pancakes go down a treat with the whole family. With just two ingredients they are a great healthy alternative breakfast recipe, and can be easily sliced or taken on the go in a Portion Pot for a baby led weaning, finger food on the go. Naturally sweet and fluffy, this banana pancake recipe is perfect to use up eggs and over ripe bananas!

4. Scrambled Eggs

A quick and easy egg recipe, these Scrambled Eggs can be served alone or with toast fingers for dipping for a fun finger food. This recipe is simple to double up if you have guests or want the whole family to enjoy them together. Ensure to cook your baby's portion a little longer so they are thoroughly cooked through.

5. Vegetable Omelette

My lot love this Vegetable Omelette with its natural sweetness from the added veggies. This recipe is great for weaning babies with it soft texture, easy to double up and bring on the go to enjoy cold in our Portion Pots. Cut into slices to offer as a finger food to dip into some Tomato Sauce for a tasty baby led weaning treat at home or on the go.

Remember when cooking eggs for children under 1 year of age to ensure they are thoroughly cooked with no raw or runny white or yolk. Eggs are a quick and easy go to food any time of the day that your whole family will love, including your weaning baby. 

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