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      Recipes — Toddler recipe

      Breakfast Recipe Ideas For Baby & Toddler

      Breakfast Recipe Ideas For Baby & Toddler

      From speaking with parents over the years I have found that breakfast ideas for a baby or toddler appear to be one of the major struggles for some families. Here I share some great breakfast ideas that baby, toddler and parents will love! Remember, you do not have to prepare separate breakfasts for different family members - you can all have the same breakfast, just serve it to suit your baby.

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      Baby friendly soup

      Baby Friendly Carrot and Lentil Soup

      This is a delicious, healthy soup that ensures your little ones are getting as much vegetables in as possible along with the added fibre and protein of the lentils. Our Food Flasks will keep it hot until your child's meal time at school.

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      Hearty vegetable soup

      Hearty Vegetable Soup

      This is a hearty vegetable soup that the whole family will love, including your weaning baby! Simply serve with finger foods such as our Homemade Oatcakes for a tasty baby led weaning meal your little one will love.

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      Mini vegetable quiche

      Mini Vegetable Quiches

      My mini vegetable quiches are the perfect size as a finger food for your weaning baby, or as a delicious lunchbox filler for older children. They are filled with vegetables to ensure that your little ones are getting one of their five a day. 

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