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    Advice — First Food

    How To Start Weaning

    How To Start Weaning - Guide for the 1st Year

    Starting to wean can be a bewildering experience. It takes a little time for them to learn to take food from a spoon and then figure out how to move it from the front of the tongue to the back of the mouth. I always recommend to start weaning from 5 ½ months. This will give your little one time to get used to the idea of food before they are introduced to a wider variety from 6 months onward.

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    Weaning Recipes

    Weaning Recipes 4-6 months

    We've put together a list of weaning recipes to support our Mummy Cooks stage 1 weaning guide. We refer to stage 1 as the first 14 days of weaning your baby and involves introducing runny purées to your baby. We recommend starting weaning any time after five months so that you are well set-up to introduce lots of variety and texture from six months.

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